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Friday, July 30, 2010

NNMi Failed to start after finishing installation successfully

Draft Article

I know the title may be weird, but this is exactly what happens when I tried to install NNMi 8.10 and its database is a remote Oracle although the oracle version does not matter, but this is just for info.

the steps as per the guide was to create a user with sufficient privilege which is stated clearly to be

Create sequence;
Create session;
Create table
Create view

although I have all these configured but I got an 404 error on the quicklaunch website and all NNMi websites.

Anyway, I checked the logs (jbossserver.log) and I found error related to tables or views could not be found, I checked the oracle server and I found there is no table created by NNMi user.

the problem was the tablespace quota assigment to NNMI user, if you create the user account using the sqlplus  you can use below commands:

alter user <user_name> quota unlimited on <tablespace_name>; alter user <user_name> quota 1M on <tablespace_name>;

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