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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to successfully Install OVO-Unix Agent on Windows Machines

To push automatically OMAgent to Windows machine, you have to complete two steps

1st to install OMAgent on a Windows Machine manually

2nd Add the Windows node and push the agent

1st to install OMAgent on a Windows Machine manually this will be considered as Windows Installation Server

After completing the Agent installation complete the following:

Install FTP service

Enable read and write permissions on FTP service default ftp

I also ensured that SNMP service is installed and configured, I am not sure this is needed or not.

Now you have prepared your Windows Installation Server.

2nd step is to add your Windows nodes configure Node properties

Actions > Node > Add node


Type the server Name and hostname

Choose the Node Type

Net Type: IP Network
Machine Type: Intel x86 (HTTPS)
OS Name: MS Windows

In the below screen I supposed that your windows Node is named Server2


Click on Communication Options

Type your Windows Installation Server Name in Via Server

In the screen below I supposed that your Windows installation Server is named Server1


Close the window and Install the Agent as below

Select the New node and from Actions menu select Agents-> Install/Update SW & Config


Select Agent Software, ensure your new node(s) are displayed under Target Nodes and click Ok


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today; I have successfully pushed OVOu Agent for windows

I have successfully pushed the OVOu agents on Windows Machines


machine named windows2 pushed by machine named windows1

I will post details later…..

best regards,

Mahmoud Ibrahim

Allow VMware Guests Access to your company’s network through VPN

Dear friends,

I have challenge today that I need to install OVO agent on Windows Machine hosted on my VMware Workstation 6.5… which I need access to an OVO Unix server located in my company.

I have access to the VPN from my Windows Vista machine.

I decided to use the VPN connection as bridge to my company’s network

so I tried but I failed to connect. as the VPN connections from vista is configured as client to network VPN not Network to network.

so I found that the only solution is to create VPN connections on the VM Guest (in my case Windows Server 2003) to connect to the company’s network which working totally fine.

this was just for sharing thoughts.

Best regards,

Mahmoud Ibrahim

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Install HP OM Agent on Unix Machine

to install HP OM Agent on Unix Machine

ensure the the node host name is resolvable by name service or located in Hosts file

open OVO motif interface by opc

open node bank then click as in the screen below and fill the fields

unix node add

unix node add - advanced options

lets describe what may be the  usage of this page

first part is which application will be used for virtual terminal when operator try to launch Virtual Terminal against this node “like telnet” so you can use dtterm, xterm or hpterm.

Second part is for Physical Connection like the following:

  • connecting your Managment Server serial port to serial port multiplexor connecting come other servers like  ???????
  • the multiplexor is like remote DTC device with IP address and the machine are connected using a serial ports and share them in different TCP port so you may use telnet DTC_IP_Address portnumber
  • you may use command like CU to use your modem to establish a text connection to the telephone number connected to that machine.

there are 3 optional fields used as the following command username password Field1 Field2 Field3

the third part is Message Stream Interface which is used by other applications uses MSI APIs like message correlation engine

the fourth part is related to cluster and is used if your are add the node as a virtual node for cluster and you need to specify the physical nodes

for Communication Page

unix node add -  communications


here you have the communication type which in this case it is HTTPS as we selected in the agent type in the add node window

Use SSH (Secure Shell) during the installation is very powerful option to insure secure communication in case the client has SSH.

Limit buffer size; it is useful for limiting the buffer size in case of the agent is unable to communicate with the client


to install the agent you can do using command line like

# /opt/OV/bin/OpC/agtinstall/inst.sh <target node>


or you can use from action menu then agent Install Agent & SW configuration

deploy agent

example of the 

         Script /opt/OV/bin/OpC/agtinstall/inst.sh invoked by root at 12/18/08 16:32:24.
          OVO Software Maintenance on Managed Node(s).
          PHASE I: reading missing passwords for Managed Nodes.
          Checking for OV Config and Deploy component running on system ia64-17.
          There is no OV Deployment component running on system ia64-17.
========> Please enter the root password for system ia64-17?
          PHASE II: checking prerequisites for Managed Nodes.
          ---- ia64-17 ----
WARNING:  Shell (/sbin/sh) is used as login shell by root on system ia64-17, but /etc/shells does not exist;
          if this shell is one of standard ones, ftp should work correctly.
          System ia64-17 is stand-alone system.
NOTE:     HTTPS based agent version 08.17.000 detected on system ia64-17 and it belongs to managemet server
          Checking disk space requirements for hp/ipf32/hpux1122 system ia64-17.
          Checking space for /tmp/opc_tmp directory on file system /dev/vg00/lvol9:
          100000 K bytes required 2257944 K bytes available.
          Checking space for /opt/OV directory on file system /dev/vg00/lvol6:
          100000 K bytes required 4685656 K bytes available.
          OVO software truck file will be copied to directory /tmp/opc_tmp on system ia64-17.
          Free disk space sufficient on node ia64-17.
          PHASE III: (de-)installing Agent Packages to Managed Nodes.
          ---- ia64-17 ----
          Transferring packages...
          Same version of HPOvXpl is already installed - skipping.
          Same version of HPOvSecCo is already installed - skipping.
          Same version of HPOvBbc is already installed - skipping.
          Same version of HPOvSecCC is already installed - skipping.
          Same version of HPOvCtrl is already installed - skipping.
          Same version of HPOvDepl is already installed - skipping.
          Same version of HPOvConf is already installed - skipping.
          Same version of HPOvPerlA is already installed - skipping.
          Same version of HPOvPacc is already installed - skipping.
          Same version of HPOvPCO is already installed - skipping.
          Same version of HPOvEaAgt is already installed - skipping.
          Updating OVO database now that OVO on system ia64-17 has been successfully installed or activated.
          OVO maintenance summary: 12/18/08 16:34:53
          Maintenance Mode: Installation/update
          1 node(s) were maintained in this run.
          Managed Node        Status      Errors    Warnings  Notes
          ia64-17             warning     0         1         1   

          Maintenance summary is available on logfile /var/opt/OV/log/OpC/mgmt_sv/inst_sum.log.
          OVO software maintenance finished.
          For detailed information about the OVO software maintenance, review the logfiles
          /var/opt/OV/log/OpC/mgmt_sv/install.log and /var/opt/OV/log/OpC/mgmt_sv/inst_err.log.

press return:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Install HP OM Agent on Windows

to install HPOM Agent formerly known as OVO agent on a Windows machine

you have to copy the source files to your Windows temp location “you can use ftp but be careful against the binary and ASCII files transfer modes for different files”

the files located in the HP OMU server in the following path.


xx.yyy is the version of the client depend on how your Management server is patched.

insure that there is FTP service is installed and SNMP service configured to answer the management server request about the machine type while you adding the new node

then launch the installation using cscript opc_inst.vbs

On the Management Server

At the same time you can go for adding new node by using the Manage Node Bank then Action --- Node --- Add



After the installation if you did not configure configuration file for the server information, you can use opcactivate.vbs to do the following.


C:\ms\x86\winnt\A.08.10.160\RPC_BBC>cscript "C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\\bin\OpC\install\opcactivate.vbs" -srv ia64-13 -cert_srv ia64-13
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.7
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

opcactivate Info: OVO activation script starting ...
opcactivate Info: Setting MANAGER to user supplied value ia64-13
opcactivate Info: Getting core ID of OVO system ia64-13 ...
opcactivate Info: Pinging OVO system ia64-13 using BBC ...
opcactivate Info: Successfully pinged OVO system ia64-13. Parsing results file out.out ...
opcactivate Info: Core ID of OVO system ia64-13 is 1bbd1b10-eb84-7535-1e49-a630571e5970
opcactivate Info: Setting CERTIFICATE_SERVER to user supplied value ia64-13
opcactivate Warning: Not registering opcauth.dll. Passwordless switch-user operations for OVO actions will not be possible.
opcactivate Info: Not disabling remote trace access.
opcactivate Info: Killing OV services ...
opcactivate Info: Killed OV services.
opcactivate Info: Starting OVO agent ...
opcactivate Info: Successfully started OVO agent.
opcactivate Info: Successfully activated OVO agent.



On the OVO server

to insure communcation for your new client you have to make the server trust the client certificate

so Select ActionNodes --- OVO Node Certificate Requests



Select the node from the Managed Nodes Bank then click on Map to Selected Node


After successful mapping select Grant

note: you will get this error message if your are not configuring DNS or HOSTs file correctly

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

HTC Max aka HTC Quartz aka HTC T8290 Review!

This is  a special moment for all people in Bolehland! I shall treat you to an exclusive FIRST in Malaysia review of the FIRST WiMAX phone in the world! Woo hoo! The htc MAX by Yota!

Yota is a Russian WiMAX operator (http://www.yota.ru/en/) and I have one unit of their htc MAX which all you technophile will lust after! Muahahahaha...

I'll try to keep the review short and sweet. The specs of the device is pretty much a beefed up htc Diamond. Bigger screen (3.8"), widescreen resolution (640x800), lots of memory (8GB+microSD expansion). Of course, it comes with WiMAX apart from the WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and GSM/EDGE connectivity.

Now before I continue, htc Max is supposed to be exclusive to Yota. That means you will never find it anywhere else in the world. And that is a bad thing because the unit comes only in Russian languange. And there is no way you can change the language settings because the language is burnt into the ROM of the device. Thanks a lot Microsoft! :(

On to the review!


Basically the box is exactly the same as that of the htc Diamond. What's inside are the standard CD, UBS connector, screen proctector, charger, headset. There's one interesting thing htc provided this time round: a mini USB to 3.5mm audio jack converter. That means you can use your standard earphones on the device. How thoughtful of them... but you still can't charge and use the headset at the same time though.

Physical Check

The htc Max lives up to it's name. It's big, heavy and thick. The back of the device however is made of some suede like material which is really a nice thing as it does not get fingerprints all over the back (like that of the Diamond). But the screen still is a fingerprint magnet.

50sen coin to proof that this unit is in Malaysia! :P

The Insides of htc Max

Htc Max has Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 as it's operating system. But like all good WM phones, it's better to throw the original interface with something more acceptable, like htc's TouchFlo interface. However, unlike the other htc phones today, the Max has something different up it's sleeves... the Yota client which I will share with you shortly.

I won't go into details like phone calls quality, etc. All I can say is that I can use my Maxis SIM here with EDGE.

As for WiMAX, sorry guys, htc Max is only for Yota network. Anyway, Yota uses 2.5GHz WiMAX. We use 2.3GHz.

Well, there's always WiFi (incidentally, you can't use WiFi at the same time as you use WiMAX. Frequency is very close (WiFi is 2.4GHz)).


When you first use the device, you are led to use the Yota Loader. This software downloads the latest Yota Interface and installs it on the the phone. To access Yota, click Yota! on the right soft key on the Home Screen.

Once done, you will have the Yota Interface. There are three options on the bottom. I can't read Russian, but the first is probably Catalogue, second is Applications, third is Task Manager.

On the Yota Interface, you will see customizable shortcuts which you can add and delete as you like. Not exactly widget based like Android which I've seen on the T-Mobile G1. But clicking on the App button seems to copy the G1 style of accessing installed apps.

Yota Catalogue

You can use the Yota Catalogue to add new services or even 3rd party apps over the air! Easy as pie!

Yota Application Manager and Task Manager

Currently, there are a few services Yota has launched, namely:

- Yota TV

- Yota Music

- Yota Video

- Yota Yap Yap

Out of these 4, I can only preview Yota TV and Yap Yap. The rest requires a Yota Passport, which you need to be a subscriber.

Even though I can enter Yota TV and see the preview of their 5 free TV (more to come I'm sure), but unfortunately I cannot view any show (blank screen when I click on a channel). Such a waste... I think it's because it detects the access I am using, which of course is not WiMAX.

Yota Phone Application

One of the most interesting feature of Yota's htc Max is the WiMAX VoIP call. Unfortunately I cannot test it out, but the premise is this:

You can call anyone within Yota network using WiMAX instead of GSM.

Also, using Yota, you can see the presence of other Yota users and talk to each other with their version of Instant Messenger.


I couldn't enjoy the full benefit of using Yota's services, nor could I enjoy the phone due to my poor Russian (hahaha...). The phone is a little large for most people's preference, but the big screen certainly is better than the tiny Diamond. But this device certainly sets a benchmark for all WiMAX devices to come.