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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to successfully Install OVO-Unix Agent on Windows Machines

To push automatically OMAgent to Windows machine, you have to complete two steps

1st to install OMAgent on a Windows Machine manually

2nd Add the Windows node and push the agent

1st to install OMAgent on a Windows Machine manually this will be considered as Windows Installation Server

After completing the Agent installation complete the following:

Install FTP service

Enable read and write permissions on FTP service default ftp

I also ensured that SNMP service is installed and configured, I am not sure this is needed or not.

Now you have prepared your Windows Installation Server.

2nd step is to add your Windows nodes configure Node properties

Actions > Node > Add node


Type the server Name and hostname

Choose the Node Type

Net Type: IP Network
Machine Type: Intel x86 (HTTPS)
OS Name: MS Windows

In the below screen I supposed that your windows Node is named Server2


Click on Communication Options

Type your Windows Installation Server Name in Via Server

In the screen below I supposed that your Windows installation Server is named Server1


Close the window and Install the Agent as below

Select the New node and from Actions menu select Agents-> Install/Update SW & Config


Select Agent Software, ensure your new node(s) are displayed under Target Nodes and click Ok



Anonymous said...

Hello Mahmoud,

But in this case, how the agent installation files are transferred from server1 to server2 ? FTP service is running only on server1 !

manually installing agent on managed node is the boring part of OVO administration :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mahmoud,

Your posts are simply brilliant and very helpful. Much appreciated .. keep up the good work.

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