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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to successfully Install OVO-Unix Agent on Windows Machines

To push automatically OMAgent to Windows machine, you have to complete two steps

1st to install OMAgent on a Windows Machine manually

2nd Add the Windows node and push the agent

1st to install OMAgent on a Windows Machine manually this will be considered as Windows Installation Server

After completing the Agent installation complete the following:

Install FTP service

Enable read and write permissions on FTP service default ftp

I also ensured that SNMP service is installed and configured, I am not sure this is needed or not.

Now you have prepared your Windows Installation Server.

2nd step is to add your Windows nodes configure Node properties

Actions > Node > Add node


Type the server Name and hostname

Choose the Node Type

Net Type: IP Network
Machine Type: Intel x86 (HTTPS)
OS Name: MS Windows

In the below screen I supposed that your windows Node is named Server2


Click on Communication Options

Type your Windows Installation Server Name in Via Server

In the screen below I supposed that your Windows installation Server is named Server1


Close the window and Install the Agent as below

Select the New node and from Actions menu select Agents-> Install/Update SW & Config


Select Agent Software, ensure your new node(s) are displayed under Target Nodes and click Ok



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