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Sunday, January 30, 2011

List all nodes from OMU server using opcnodes

By default OMU-L have a utility to control node management called opcnode it is similar to ovonodeutil.bat in OMW

You can use this tool to list all nodes like

/opt/OV/bin/OpC/utils/opcnode -list_nodes


But, in one of ITRC questions the Question Author request to get only the node name which falls under certain OS type

I made some trials and I would like to share them with you:

1st using shell script and opcmon command itself.


1: if [ $# -eq 0 ] ; then 
2:  echo "Use $0 <windows or unix>"  
3:  echo "To list windows nodes: $0 windows" 
4:  echo "To list Unix nodes: $0 unix" 
5:  exit
6: fi
<-- more -->
8: windows=( "MACH_BBC_WIN2K3_X64" "MACH_BBC_WINXP_IPF64" "MACH_BBC_WINNT_X86" )
11: if [ $1 = "windows" ]; then
12:  for i in ${windows[@]}
13:  do
14:   /opt/OV/bin/OpC/utils/opcnode -list_nodes mach_type=$i |grep "Name"
15:  done
17: elif [ $1 == "unix" ];  then
18:  for i in ${unix[@]}
19:  do
20:   /opt/OV/bin/OpC/utils/opcnode -list_nodes mach_type=$i |grep "Name"
21:  done
22: fi

usage  of the command listnodes.sh < unix or windows>

---sample usage---

[root@oml ~]# listnodes.sh
Use ./listnodes.sh <windows or unix>
To list windows nodes: ./listnodes.sh windows
To list Unix nodes: ./listnodes.sh unix

[root@oml ~]# listnodes.sh windows
Name         = mahmoud-pc.mahmoudthoughts.com

[root@oml ~]# listnodes.sh unix
Name         = oml.mahmoudthoughts.com

[root@oml ~]# listnodes.sh windows |awk '{print $3}'

[root@oml ~]# listnodes.sh unix |awk '{print $3}'
[root@oml ~]#

For more information read full thread :http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=1463140


Anonymous said...

can you please tel me how to find the unlicensed nodes OMW 7.x

Anonymous said...

the opcnode -list_nodes | grep command is taking long time to return the search result. Please let us know if any other alternative way is there to search the presence of node in OMU that takes significantly less time to return the search result.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for large number number of servers it is taking long time so i would like to have better way that takes less time by implementing some algorithm. Please suggest.

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