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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Video: Align IT and the business with information insights

The HP IT Executive Scorecard automates the process of gathering performance and financial information. It then makes it simple to see how well you are doing across IT and business objectives by building and displaying Key Performance Indicators.

  • Leverage a library of 180+ KPIs, objectives, dashboards, and reports all based on best practices and years of research.
  • Tailor a dashboard with drag-and-drop functionality to meet the needs of specific personas, and allow users to drill to details or modify their view, for example, with different types of graphs.
  • Get more meaningful insights by using aggregates and maps data from multiple HP and third-party sources.
  • Enable everyone—project managers, business relationship managers, VPs, and Directors, service owners, anyone—to benefit from analytics focused on their area of interest.


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