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Friday, February 5, 2010

How to use WBEMTEST to get WMI data level 1

Launch wbemtest from command prompet or RUN


Here is the interface


to locate WMI classes attributes or instances you have to connect with account with sufficient privilege (note: all users has privilege to WMI but depend of type of action you want to execute which may require administrator priv.)

press on connect then type which namespace you want to connect to: by default Windows (Win32_*)built-in classes almost located under root\cimv2 then click connect.

This will connect you with the current user account, you may specify another account to gain more privilege


This is the screen after connection.


If you know certain class you can click on Open Class

If you do not know and you want to search manually you may click Enum Classes

To get all the classes you may select Recursive and press OK


A full list of classes will be displayed as below


Browse to any class and double click

for example User Account on the local machine are under Win32_UserAccount class


Click on Instances to list all the instances


Here is the list of User Account



To be continued.

please remind me to continue it.


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