Friday, August 12, 2011

How to use Google+ only for access for Facebook/Twitter


When you access Google+ you can post only to Google+



You can use plugin to allow you to use Google+ for posting to Facebook and Twitter.

Everything is described in the URL above.

Step 1: Get the Google Chrome Extension

For Firefox

For Safari

For Google Chrome

Step 2a: Get an invite to Google+

You can request from me through the comments below.

Step 2b: Sign in with your Google+ Account

Step 3: Import Photos from Facebook

Step 4: +1 This Page and the applications page


Simply Click on the Icon next to Home and log on to Facebook and Twitter to allow the application to access both networks.


You will find two new Sparks added to your Google+ interface


All posts from Twitter and Facebook will appear to your Stream page


Also when Share anything it will share to all your networks.