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Thursday, August 4, 2011

BSM 9.x – NNMi 9.x Integration

To integrate NNMi with BSM, you have two methods

NNMi – uCMDB  integration which uses Data Flow Probe (DDM Probe) and is the old method.

NNMi – BSM Topology integration which is integration between NNMi and RTSM (a uCMDB version hosted in BSM)

The configuration steps is very simple

Log in NNMi > Integration Module Configuration > HP BSM Topology


Enter your NNMi server name, username and password

For BSM enter your BSM server name and port number  and RTSM username and password.


The NNMi - BSM Topology integration creates the following CIs:

You should note that the Built-in view for Layer 2 is not compatible with this integration, so we have to update it.

The view below is the default and it is not working as the BSM integration is populating the routers and switches as Node CI not a network device and adds the device role to NodeRole attribute.


1- remove Net Device CI

2- Add Node CI

3- Add a Composition relationship between this new Node CI and its Interface CI.


4-  Re-establish the folding rule (fold Interface under Node).


5- For the Node CI, right click and select Query Node Properties  specify that the NodeRole attribute should contain lan_switch or router



NNM View


uCMDB View



Atle Ostbo said...

Hi Mahmoud, this info is very usfull. We have 3 NNMi servers that we will connect to one RTSM installation. Our support company have got CI's into the RTSM, but not any layer 2 connections. I think the reason for this is they dont have done the changes like you describe here on this webpage.

Mahmoud Ibrahim said...

You are right , the NNMi-uCMDB integration does not sync connections, NNMi-BSM (RTSM) integration does.

Anonymous said...

will this integration also forward events from NNMi to BSM and highlight them on the CIs in Service Health like what happens when sitescope forward events in to BSM service health or topoplogy view ?

Anonymous said...

or is it OM agent that has to be istalled on NNM server that talks to BSM and forwards the events ?

Anonymous said...

Please, could you explain what is HardwareBoard and how is created ?

Life is an adventure said...

I have question to you,,
I have issue integration BSM Operation Management and NNMi.
to test integration I try to send SNMP LinkDown/LinkUp (Event management) to BSM Operation server.
but the event from NNMi received by BSM Operation Management on three day..(very long time delay)

the SNMP event can not direcly received by BSM Operation Managemen.
do you have idea to resolve this matter?


Anonymous said...

I am trying to integrate NNMi with BSM but it always gives me the error that the integration failed and that to check host and port. Any ideas

Mahmoud Ibrahim said...

Hello Mr.
check the if you can access those ports using browser or telnet command.

please also comment with your identity so I can get back to you when I reply back.

Mahmoud Ibrahim

Unknown said...

IN This iNtegration How topology will be Pushed to OMi/BSM?

Sarah Jacb said...

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