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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Installing HP OM Agent on non-default drive

One day you may face a need to install agent on another drive “filespace in Unix based systems” to free up some of the space used by the Agent but keep in mind that the agent itself is not consuming much space but hp products (SPIs and Performance Agent) when being installed it is looking for the HP Software date directory and other certain variables and does not allow you to choose where to install their files.

So  I will show in the next few lines how to install the agent on another drive.

to give you an overview of the agent installation.

Agent installation files for Windows and Unix environment contain multiple components (for Windows-based there are multiple .msi files  and for Unix-based there are multiple .gz files for these components.) that need to be installed in certain  order to ensure the agent will work this process is done through an installation script called opc_inst (in Windows-based the file is named opc_inst.vbs)

  • We supposed that we want to install the agent on drive e on windows environment so we may execute the below commands in the installation source files:

cscript.exe opc_inst.vbs -srv YOUROVOSERVER -cert_srv YOUROVOSERVER-inst_dir "E:\program files\HP\HP BTO software" -dd "E:\program files\HP\HP BTO software\data"

  • In unix evironment you have to download the agent files and almost you have to change opc_inst file to be executable by using the command below

chmod +x ./opc_inst

then you can execute the command below

opc_inst -srv YOUROVOSERVER -cert_srv YOUROVOSERVER-inst_dir "/var/opt/OV" -dd "/var/opt/OV/data"


Ahmed Douban writes this comment.

Thanks mahmoud
-srv Managment Server Hostname or ip
-Cert_srv Certificate server ip "most cases same as Management Server"
-inst_dir is for Agent installation files binaries
-dd for the data directory... Read More
thanks for the nice subject :)

1 comment:

Douban said...

many thanks mahmoud for the article

may you please explain more about offline agent installation OMU2 or preinstallation page 3-11
coz it's different from Manual Installation


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