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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Microsoft Maren: Ana bakteb 3araby bel keyboard el englizy we beyt7awel 3araby begad

مايكروسوفت مرن : أنا في باكتب عربي بالكيبيورد الإنجليزي وبيتحول عربي بجد


Maren converts Romanized Arabic, i.e Arabic text written through Roman characters, into Arabic script as you type. And hence you as a writer/author will be able to send your thoughts in Arabic-script-Arabic instead of Romanized-Arabic, and your recipients will be able to read your text in Arabic, making things more natural. Moreover, if the text you’re writing is expected to reside on the web, you have much bigger chances to appear on the search results than if it were posted in Romanized-Arabic, just by using Maren.

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