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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Check OM Oracle DB Status


To check the database:
#su - oracle
Verify that ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID are set correctly.

Check status by command tnsping:
tnsping ov_net

Check status by SQL query:

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus /nolog
SQL> connect / as sysdba

   1: set lines110
   2: col strtd hea 'STARTED'
   3: col instance_name for a8 hea 'INSTANCE'
   4: col host_name for a15 hea 'HOSTNAME'
   5: col version for a10
   6: select instance_name, version, host_name, status
   7: , database_status, to_char(startup_time,'DD-MON-YYYY HH:MI:SS') strtd
   8: from v$instance;

SQL> exit

Start the database:

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus /nolog
SQL> connect / as sysdba
SQL> exit

Usually default database setting is as below:
ORACLE_SID is [openview]
Password of Oracle user 'system' is [manager]
Oracle Service name is [ov_net]


OMU - Linux-2011-03-03-03-02-37


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polycom ip 550 said...

A good security interface to begin with. I would change the open username and password into more complex ones if it were me.

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