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Monday, March 21, 2011

OMW:Enable Automatic Instrumentation Deployment


In the same namespace where you enabled Policy Deployment allows you to control the Auto deployment of the instrumentation, this can be allowed thought

In the console tree, right-click Operations Manager
Configure –> Server

Select "Policy Management and Deployment"
Select "Enable Automatic Instrumentation Deployment" change the Value to True.



Whenever Deploy a policy, the system will check for a Property called Category assigned to the policy and it will try to find that category under %ovdatadir%\shared\Instrumentation\Categories  on the management server and deploy the related tools to that node.


Database SPI policies has the category Database_Monitoring you can easily locate the attribute in the list view of the policies under the Policy Management Node in OMW Console or the Properties page of the policy




Once this policy is deploy the folder contents %ovdatadir%\shared\Instrumentation\Categories\Database_Discovery will be deployed to the node (you may have sub-folders if you want different files to be deployed based on the Operating System Types / Versions / OSbits)


This article is created in response to ITRC Question below


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Anonymous said...

Is this possible in OMW 7.5?

I have the category set in the policy properties and registry "InstrumentationAutoDeploy" set to 1, although when deploying the policy I am not getting the script in the %ovdatadir%\shared\Instrumentation\Categories on the remote node.

Is there anything else that needs to be applied to 7.5?

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